6 Easy and Fun Ways to Secure your Honeymoon Funds

    You have probably heard about the popular saying: “Love don’t cost a thing”. Well, what of the wedding and some honeymoon funds needed?.


    You will for sure know how financially stressful it can be, talking about that big day you have been waiting for when you are done with the pinning, planning and budgeting for this special event – you need sufficient honeymoon funds.


    The real truth of the matter is that nowadays, most couples live together for a while before getting married. Some may have most things they need, but it can still be very helpful if guests help with honeymoon funds.



    You can seek some assistance from your family and friends without feeling uncomfortable using these great and creative methods to fund that dream honeymoon you have always desired. Soon,  it will be happening and you will love the experience – read on to find out how.



    1. Use the Globetrotter Card Collector: This is perfect for couples who have the desire of traveling around the world on for their honeymoon. You can get traveling funds within a personalized globe. Make it according to your wedding style, with enough slot for the cards, letters and cash.


    1. Consider the Online Honeymoon Registry: It will be a good thing to make an online honeymoon registry. It allows family and friends of yours to donate some funds toward your honeymoon online. You can put the link on your wedding invitation and that will make it possible for your guests to easily contribute to that trip.


    1. Try the DIY Photo Jar: If you are looking for a classy and cute way to get donations from your guests, a do-it-yourself honeymoon photo jar is cool. Just make a visual picture of your desired honeymoon destination, let it be at a strategic location such as the welcome table where there is easily visible spot – watch out for donations.


    1. Use Fun Printable Wedding Sign: You can provide some cool display to host your gifts and cards with the funny fox printable wedding sign – it is very affordable. When your guests walk into your reception, they will get it and that can enhance more honeymoon funds.


    1. How about using some travel keepsake kits: After you have tied the knot, you may plan to have a worldwide journey. I fun method to actualize this is to get some your best colored paints, some stencils, wooden boxes, stencils – these simple tools are perfect for making a cool keepsake kit. Now to implement, just display the kits at your reception center in order to present your guests the opportunity to contribute toward your trip. When you are done with this, you can gather the keepsakes for your honeymoon event.


    1. Invite Friends to the Breations Honeymoon Shower: You can plan something cool by throwing a honeymoon shower instead of the usual traditional engagement party or the bridal shower party – this can really be very fun.

    All you need to do is to bring your friends and family together for a fun loving evening of toasting the newly jovial couple. You can gather some honeymoon funds by collecting cards and playing very interesting games.


    You may use any of the methods discussed above to raise your honeymoon funds, they sure have worked great for some couples.


    Photography: Anthony Delanoix

    XO, Nancy

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