Things Guests will remember from your Wedding

    Weddings are not only about the couples, the wedding guests also really matter a lot. Make sure that you make conscious effort in making your guests happy and feel comfortable on your big day.

    As you may be brainstorming about how you can wow your wedding guests and make them have a good memory about your special event, it is wise to consider many factors before the day in order to make this come into reality.

    6 Ways to make your guests always have great memory about your wedding

    Below are great methods you can use to amaze your wedding guests:

    1. Provide great transportation: Give your guests enough transportation to your wedding ceremony and reception venues. Make it fun; you can play them some great music to make them feel good during the ride. They will always remember this.
    2. Offer them Cocktails before the event: Give your wedding guest pleasant surprise by serving them some cool light beverages just prior to the wedding ceremony. Many guests will used to taking cocktails at the reception, but doing this will help in kick starting the kind of fun they will never forget about your wedding.
    3. Establish Great Child Care: Taking good care of your youngest guests is a big plus here – parents will always remember this. You can hire some babysitters in a room to take good care of the kids. Ensure that you find a room located near the wedding centre so that parents can easily check on their kids. Also, provide good fun games, cool snacks and other entertaining gadgets in the room for your youngest guests.
    4. Give welcome bags that are well stocked: Giving a gift bag of goodies, stuffed with cool items like location information, water, snacks, wedding details, venue address and hangover helpers will make your wedding a great one your guest will always remember.
    5. Serve Enough and Varieties of Foods: Always put this at the back of your mind, a hungry guest will remember your wedding to be a bad event; also bad food is a turn-off. It also important to note that your guests will always have different tastes when it comes to food. To solve this, ensure that you make provision for enough food and let them be in varieties because what guest “A” termed a bad food might be guest B’s favorite. Make some delicacies for Vegetarians, some for chicken lovers, a steak option included – just ensure the menu covers several kinds of foods. Let your wedding guests have fun through food.
    6. Let your guest book be more unique: Being creative here is very important. You can apply some creativity by going beyond the usual guest book. One cool idea is to create some jigsaw puzzles of your picture; just allow your guests to sign on each of the pieces. Another good method you can try out is to place some silver trays that include engraving pens, this will enable your guests to carve some memorable messages – it’s so fun.

    Making your guests remember your wedding event can be easy if you get creative and apply some of the methods above.

    XO, Nancy

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